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Trucks – the vehicle that supports every industrial purpose. Which one do you need?

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Trucks are utility vehicles, which transport goods and freight.
The history of trucks goes back to the invention of the first motorized utility vehicle in 1896 by the German Daimler AG. Today’s trucks differ very much to the first model. They consist of a chassis, a motor, a driver’s cabin and on the back of it a loading space.
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Trucks are classified by their permissible maximum weight. Smaller ones up to 3,5 tons are called light trucks. Larger trucks weigh 7,5 tons or even up to 40 tons. These larger trucks require a special driver’s license. Trucks offer their drivers also some space for sleeping in the cabin, because working on truck transport means to be on tour almost every day and also night.

Special equipment for special purposes

At the beginning of truck manufacturing, they were often equipped with gas engines, nowadays they get diesel engines more often. Since 2006, every truck over 3,5 tons need to be equipped with a blackbox which saves how long the truck drives and rests, and also how fast the driver was driven.
The special equipment of a truck depends on its industrial purpose. There are special trucks for fire departments, police, agriculture and forestry. For example skip loader and tipper are used for carrying and lifting containers or tanks filled with loading.
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Other special trucks are concrete mixers and concrete pumps which are used for building houses or roads. Concrete mixers transport the concrete in a spinning tank to the construction site. It mixes also the ingredients to make concrete. The concrete pump is used to transport the liquid concrete from the truck up to the site where its needed.
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