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Semitrailers are used in different areas and are available in different variants. The most simple version is the so called container trailer. This is not a real truck body but more empty chassis on which a container is mounted. This combination is mounted on the axles of the prime mover.

There are many different kinds of trailers, for example for the transport of cars on two stories or special bodies for the transport of beverages or gas bottles. There are also trailers with the body of a concrete mixer, tank trailers and silo trailers. Silo trailers are often found in construction -, chemical – and food industry. They are even able to transport liquids and gases.

Tarpaulin trailers are optically seen the most simple construction, but although they are very useful and are also available in comfortable versions. Very impressing appears the “Megatrailer” which has a loading height of 3 meters which allows carrying stackable goods and palettes. Its loading volume is 100 m³ maximum.
Tarpaulin trailer by Schmitz
The tarpaulin trailer in contrast almost seems boring with its normal size. But it’s a classic for a reason. The loading process is very easy because the platform is closed with a tarpaulin and can be opened to three sides.
A curtainsider trailer is a variant of the tarpaulin trailer. Also known as tautliner the trailer it can be also unloaded from the sides which saves a lot of time. This is possible because of the continuous loading platform is fitted with a foldable tarpaulin. The necessary stability is given through the front wall and the rear door which are connected to the frame. The loading is accessible from both sides of the trailer, it is also possible to work with two forklifts at one.

The so called Edscha trailer is similar. This trailer is named after its manufacturer and it is not only possible to open the side walls but also the roof can be opened so it enables to unload the freight with a crane or a lifting device. Famous companies for the manufacturing of tarpaulin trailers are Kässbohrer and Wecon. Curtainsider trailer are produced by Kögel and Krone.
Refrigerated trailer by Krone
Vis-á-vis tarpaulin trailers are walking floor trailers. These are called like that, because they can be loaded continuously. They are pen to the top and can be closed with a tarpaulin. The trailer is fitted with metal floors, more precisely they have movable floors which makes the unloading without forklifts possible. Walking floor trailer cost between 60.000 € for new ones and about 6.000 € for used ones. The most well-known manufacturers of walking floor trailers are Ackermann-Fruehauf and Schmitz-Cargobull. Besides curtainsiders are box bodies the most used trailers. The so called refrigerated trailers are special trailers because they have an insulate layer between their walls of metal sheets so they are able to transport frozen and fresh foods.

Trailer by Schmitz

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